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Realm provides visibility into the real-time state of the items it is configured to monitor. Realm actively gathers equipment measurements combined with the advanced correlation, analysis, visualization and reporting capabilities, powers the user interface and delivers comprehensive visibility and definitive insight to the user.

Realm has been built from the ground up with an interactive and highly responsive UI that delivers real-time visualization from the analytics centric database architecture. The database architecture is modern and is a combination of relational database, NoSQL database and in-memory database.


Realm is designed to scale from the simple system that runs on a single CPU server, or for an entire enterprise running on multiprocessor servers. Realm takes full advantage of Symmetric Multiprocessing and IT Server & Web infrastructures. The Realm modular architecture as shown in the picture consists of different modules/systems that together make the REALM system e.g.:

  • Database System
  • Management System
  • Datalogging System
  • Monitoring System
  • Alarm System
  • Report System

Real Time Monitoring System

Business Applications

Image Processing